What I did on my summer vacation

My brilliant friend William Geoffrey Johnson used to write the greatest blog.

It was sassy and sardonic and selfish, full of reflections on life’s greatest mysteries.

I say used to because Will has since fallen in love (with the greatest gal) and moved to a tiny town with limited Internet access, and he’s focusing on writing his first novel instead of posting about pop culture. Sigh.

I’ve been aspiring to mimic Will’s blog for ages. I said I’d do it when we left Victoria. I said I’d do it when we left Whitehorse. I was dead-set on finally starting the thing when I took my impromptu trip to Japan.

I took the pictures. I dreamt up the words. I didn’t post.

For the last three months, I’ve been reporting for the Edmonton Journal. It’s a dream job, really. I fell in love with journalism in the Journal newsroom during a high school field trip, and now I’m back, spending my days talking to people and telling stories.

One of the stories I’ve been working on is that of Edmonton’s immigrants. Six of us were put on this project over two months ago. “Show how diverse Edmonton is,” we were told. “Try to find someone from every country in the world living right here in the city.”

No biggie.

We talked to over 70 people from countries all around the globe for the Heritage Project.  They told us stories of struggling for better lives, better opportunities. They told us about moving around the world for love, for safety, for education. You can check out the results here (including a really great video featuring the six of us).

This blog will not be as sassy and sardonic as Will’s. He’s just better at those things than I am. But I love stories, and this is where you can check out what characters are currently capturing my attention.